Our Tech

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been around for some time now, and there have been many fantastic experiences built along the way, but the introduction of the Metaverse and shared virtual experiences are changing how we look at this technology. Imagine a museum where you can walk the galleries with friends and strangers from around the globe while viewing objects in a way never before possible.

In 2021 we began building in several Metaverse worlds so we could share important artifacts with visitors both near and far. This has quickly turned into a major part of our preservation efforts and we have since added multiple VR experiences to our projects.

Our current Metaverse exhibition is set up in the world called Somnium Space on Parcel 847. Visitors will find a full museum built around 3D scanned objects from our collection. We have 3 floors of art with a rooftop event space for openings and special events.

Users can visit the museum in full VR with a headset, in 2D gaming mode on a PC, or over a standard web browser.  You can visit Somnium Space to learn more about the VR experience, or try the browser experience.

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