Our Tech

Augmented Reality

Digital artifacts are only as good as their method of presentation, and we see Augmented Reality as a perfect fit for presenting this new media type. We are extremely happy to build an AR component into all of our projects and believe this will create a much more visceral experience for the user.

We have a custom Web3 App that will let Relic owners view their assets, photograph them in a context of their choosing, and create their own story to share with the world. Public models are also included for anyone to experience sites in AR they would otherwise never be able to.

In addition to our custom app, AR filters are being developed for popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. These are still the very early days of Augmented Reality and our plan is to adapt to new platforms and hardware as the technology matures. We see a future with cataloged history accessible from a few swipes on your glasses, presented in HD 3D.

Check out the Instagram AR Demo Video