Blockchain Relics is the first of its kind, a new intersection between historic preservation and web3. We use 3D drone scanning technology that has been widely used in the heritage space to digitize objects for eternity through our blockchain platform. This allows users access to their assets through Augmented Reality, the Metaverse, and web-based virtual tours from anywhere across all devices and platforms.

With our immersive technology, we are able to bring a higher level of asset into the market. This allows collectors not only to invest in these blocks but also carry them throughout their daily lives, capturing snapshots of them in different contexts, continuing the communal storytelling at the very core of this project.

The blockchain is not just a ledger for transactions, but also an invaluable resource that can be used to document and preserve culture. By using this technology we are able to show future generations what life was actually like in times gone by. As the complexities of society & culture continue to evolve, we believe that a blockchain is an ideal medium for documenting those changes. The documentation and curation can provide insight into our past as well telling stories about what may come next.